Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Oct 18th

Howdy all,
so we had a pretty busy weekend. Saturday night we were in the studio til almost 1am getting drum tracks done for our upcoming demos. We worked over at AI in brookline w/ my friend Jeremy.  Sounds pretty legit. More work on it this week and upcoming.
tracks are (in no particular order):
less talk more rock
everything in between
take point
duck & cover
in vein
once again...FORGE ON!!!
ursa major

Today we were in a video for BU Today.  It was done in an old parking garage and all in HD.  It's just me and colin doing some interro-dance party but it looks ridic so hopefully we'll have that footage soon.
Show up in NH this weekend. street

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Nikolai said...

Are you willing to make the commitment to rock-hard tasty abs washer-board style glistening in the sun?