Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Interrobang!? - The First Three Years

As we find our birthday approaching soon,
I find it important that i update this as to what is going on
right now, we are in the studio to record some new stuff.
we are really pleased with what has been done so far.
The tracks that we have recorded so far in no particular order are...

Less Talk More Rock
Duck & Cover
In Vein
Everything In Between
Take Point
Once Again...FORGE ON!!!
Ursa Major

those will hopefully be released as soon as we finish them
also, we are working on compiling some footage that we have taken over the years that will be turned into a short documentary chronicling the first three years of this band. Posible sale of a DVD if anyone is interested. We have footage ranging from the first show that we have ever played up till footage of our last show at the middle east with Bomb The Music Industry!.

Also, if anyone has seen Interrobang!? in Allston lately, we have been trying out a new format which I believe will work to our advantage. We have begun to compose accompaniments so that a drummer or bass player is not necessary for us to play a show. These versions are inspired much more by Electronica and Hip Hop so therefore we have entitled these endeavors the Interrobang!? Dance Party. We may or may not release some of these mixes in the future somewhere online for free. This is an exciting thing for us and we've had a whole lot of fun with this so far.

We will hopefully have some snazzy shows to add to our calendar soon!
But keep your eye out for a flyer and facebook event for our 12/14 show at the middle east with the have nots and kill conrad, it is going to be a show not to be missed with a great cast of characters.

Also feel free to comment with questions concerns comments or complaints!